Top Hotels in San Jose Costa Rica


Costa Rica a small tourism hot spot located in central America has a lot to offer. If you are looking to travel abroad, but not far from the states, Costa Rica is the perfect place. The country is endowed with many fascinating features from volcanoes to museums. You will never lack some exciting place for a tour. Family fun packed trips are also available and you will enjoy what you get. We normally get confused about matters concerning accommodation and the city of San Jose has some great hotels. Here are the best hotels in San Jose.

Best Western Irazú Hotel & Casino

Apart from staying in a well crafted hotel, the hotel offers the best Costarican dishes. Your taste buds will be blown up with the lovely tastes the country has to offer. Irazu hotel and casino offers a great casino experience for those seeking to blow off some steam. You get a mix of Vegas style night life in Costa Rica. The hotel rooms are spacious and designed to accommodate a stay. The hotel is close to Jaco beach.

Marriott Los Suenos Resort

The Marriot is an ocean and golf resort and was even recognized by the Travel and Leisure magazine. The resort was labeled as one of the world’s best hotels. If you want to enjoy the best hotel experience, then Marriott Los Suenos Resort is one of the hotels you shouldn’t skip. Get to enjoy a great golfing experience with a costal experience. It offers a classic, luxurious feel and located also close to many natural attractions.

Villa Caletas

Located 1150 feet above the central pacific coast, Villa Caletas offers great scenic features for those seeking to enjoy the quiet solace of Costa Rica. It is a vibrant hotel with nicely spaced rooms. If you are looking to enjoy some quiet alone time this is the hotel for you. Great effort has been put into designing the hotel so that you get the best scenic features. It has also been constructed over the pacific ocean and you get a great view.

Best Western Jaco Beach Resort

If you are intending to tour a lot, then the western Jaco beach resort is perfect for you. The hotel offers unlimited drinks to its residents and a wide array of Costa Rican. On the western side you find great nightlife and shopping complexes. You get a 20% off when you book a room in the hotel at this time of the year.

Those are the top hotels in San Jose Costa Rica that you wont regret staying at.