Top 5 Manuel Antonio Luxury Hotels


Costa Rica is an exclusive tourist destination, sandy beaches, divine cuisine and the friendly “Ticos” are just a few of the reasons you should visit this beautiful tropical country.

There is one destination which is a favorite among tourists, Manuel Antonio, located in Costa Rica’s central pacific coast. In this article we are going to talk about the top luxury hotels in this tourism destination. The hotels presented here will give you the opportunity to experience the very finest in hospitality while staying at one of the top 5 luxury hotels in Manuel Antonio, home to the famous Manuel Antonio National Park.

1. The Preserve at Los Altos


Experience an intimate experience with nature as you breathe in the fresh air in this luxury getaway tucked away at the mountain portion near the Pacific Ocean. The Preserve at Los Altos Beach Resort & Spa is a luxurious family friendly beach resort that hosts a tropical preserve treating its guests to an exciting vacation with the very finest of indoor luxury combined with the lush green rainforest adding a touch of royalty to their Manuel Antonio experience.

2. Arenas del Mar Beach & Nature Resort


Kick back by the cool pool in the Arenas del Mar Resort in the heat of the Costa Rican sun, the hotel is home to some of the best in Costa Rican cuisine, famous worldwide while keeping in close contact with the conservation of nature. The hotel has received several awards for it’s eco-friendly principles so guests have a truly fulfilling experience while bearing in mind that no environmental policies have been violated.

3. Hotel Si Como No


At the Hotel Si Como No guests get the chance to witness the artistic, elegant design of the hotel merged perfectly with the surrounding environment featuring the plush rainforest of Costa Rica. This hotel has been for a long time the top choice for environmentalists and holiday makers seeking to relax at home away from home.

4. Buena Vista Villas and Tulemar


At the Buena Vista Villas privacy and comfort is the top priority for visitors. The villas are serviced at all hours by friendly and professional hotel staff who are there to make your holiday a memorable one. Nestled within Manuel Antonio the villas of Buena Vista are a delightful experience for anyone touring Manuel Antonio.

5. Makanda by the Sea Hotel


This hotel is a wonderful brainchild of modern architecture inspired by the love of the great outdoors. Their rooms are designed to give a feel of Manuel Antonio as a sanctuary for nature, as the windows open to the tantalizing fresh air you can find in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. It is a true destination for world class hospitality complimented with nature’s bliss.