Top 5 Costa Rica Surfing Destinations

Costa Rica is one of the best homes to some of the best surfing spots. It has actually been known among many surfers as well as travelers as the main surf destination since it has got a lot of awesome breaks for the surfers of all levels. It doesn’t matter whether you are an advanced surfer who has been getting barrelled for some years or even a beginner who is just figuring out on how to paddle and also stand up. Costa Rica has the best surfing spots perfect for all the levels. The following are top 5 Costa Rica Surfing Destinations that you can choose from.

1. Tamarindo

This is one of the major surfing destinations for all the surfers who visit Costa Rica. It’s located in the heart of Guanacaste Province, which makes it a great beach and also an awesome surf destination for the beginners and the intermediate surfers. In fact, the waves are steady year round and the water is also always warm thus making it an ideal surf destination any time you visit. Tamarindo also offers top notch surf schools such as Tamarindo Surf School, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp and Tamarindo Surf Academy.

2. Ostional

This is a wildlife refuge that is located south of Marbella. It is one of the most important nesting sites for the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles across the world. In this surfing spot, you can see so many turtles on the beach and also surf amazing waves. This wave is absolutely meant for both advanced and the intermediate surfers.

3. Playa Marbella

This is a chill beach with a number of breaks that are normally good for beginners and also more experienced surfers. This destination is pretty empty most of the times except for the other surfers. The only things that you can watch out for in this spot are the riptides which can get strong and also the consistent wave.

4. Playa Grande

It’s a beach located north of Playa Tamarindo. As a matter of facts, Playa Grande is the most reliable beach-break around the area. It’s a national park as well as home of so many leatherback turtles. This spot is for both intermediate and advanced level surfers. It’s about twenty minutes only from the surf camp.

5. Witch’s Rock

It’s a world-class surf destination. It’s a consistent beach break that offers left and rights. This spot is located in Playa Naranjo that is part of the Santa Rosa National Park. It actually became prominent in the Endless Summer II Movie.

These are some of the best surf destinations that you can’t miss out during your visit in Costa Rica.